About FBC’s Bianca Inc.

Fashion. Beauty. Culture. was created by Bianca Torres, a native New Yorker with a passion for fashion, the gift of glamour and a fondness of food.

Prior to becoming a blogger she was a Staffing Coordinator/ Case Manager in the Social Services field.  Bianca enjoyed giving back to the community where she grew up, but longed for a change in career paths.  In November of 2012 she relocated 800 miles away to Raleigh, North Carolina.  It was there where she found the time to venture off into new hobbies and enjoy a slower pace of life.

After brainstorming potential activities and reminiscing about natural interests, Bianca remembered how much she enjoyed writing.  She was then advised by a close friend to start her own blog: Fashion. Beauty. Culture. was born.

Along with blogging, she began volunteering for local events and found Carolina STYLE Magazine.  Inspired by a newly found fashion scene, she also began writing for Carolina STYLE, working her way up to Contributing Lifestyle Editor. Shortly after her promotion, Bianca returned back home to New York and became the magazine’s NYC Market Editor.  She is also the Content Manager for Dutchess County Legislator Francena Amparo and writes for examiner.com as an NY Beauty/ Celebrity Examiner.

Editor, blogger, foodie and cosmetic connoisseur, Bianca loves to give the inside scoop on the latest trends for fashion, beauty and life.













Contact Bianca at: fashionbeautyculture@gmail.com

Facebook: Bianca Torres

Tumblr.: Fashion Beauty Culture

Twitter: @bianca_inc

Instagram: @bianca_inc

Pinterest: Bianca Torres


2 thoughts on “About FBC’s Bianca Inc.

  1. Hey lady! I saw we were both one of Eve’s lovely bloggers and thought I’d stop by your site and say hi! LOVE what you’re doing here in Raleigh! I, too, am from up north (Pittsburgh) and was nervous how fashion would be (or wouldn’t be!) here in the south; Raleigh is up and coming!

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