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50’s Vintage: Cat Eye Sunglasses

As you know fashion from all decades have been spotted this year, 80’s, 90’s even 70’s; a trend that’s we’ve also seen a glimpse of this season is 50’s Vintage.  We will continue to see this decade flourish!

Sunglass styles have come and went throughout the years, for 2011’s Summer the infamous 80’s aviators and early 90’s wayfarers made a debut onto the fashion scene. For the Summer of 2012 cat eye sunglasses took us by surprise, it’s only right seeing as the 50’s came back with a bang!  I have a feeling we will also see the shades for 2013’s Summer season.

I can’t help but be inspired by Marilyn Monroe when the era comes to mind.  She was literally the diva/ style icon for the fabulous fifties.

Below: Marilyn Monroe, the Cat Eyes Pioneer.  As you can see the feline frames add glamour to your everyday look.

The fabulous Marilyn Monroe with cat eye glasses.

Below: Singer and Style Icon, Lady Gaga is a fan of the cat eyes, which is a perfect union. These sunglasses accentuate her classy, edgy yet modern ensemble.

Lady Gaga and her cat eyes.

Below: Mom and Reality TV Star Kourtney Kardashian, also rocks cat eye sunglasses.

Below: My latest obsession are the Gucci cat eye sunglasses, LOVE THEM.

Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses

Below: Check out Fendi’s best seller last summer!

Fendi’s Top Seller this Summer- Cat Eye

If it’s a Vintage 50’s appeal you seek; pair your cat eye sunglasses with your favorite polka dot dress and a set of pearls.  Join the cat eye craze!

Photo Credit:

50’s Vintage- The Polka Dot Dress

When it comes to fashion, Vintage seems to be key. All decades have made their way into our hearts and closets; from the 1920’s-1990’s, we add our new millennium twist to our ensembles, but the past inspires our looks more often than we know.

Within the last four years the electric 80’s and loud 90’s pieces have crept back into our wardrobe; from stretch pants and high boots, to colorful jeans and snapback caps.  Surprising looks from the 50’s are back, chic and classic styles are accompanied by 2012 trends. For instance, the infamous Polka Dot dress is back! To achieve a contemporary look with a vintage essence get your hands on a bright polka dot dress (such as 2012’s color of the year orange/ tangerine) and pair it with a set of pearls and your favorite pumps and bag! Keep the make-up simple, but have your statement lipstick handy (i.e.: orange, bright pink or red lips would do the trick based on your outfit’s color scheme). Check out the look:

Tangerine Polka Dot Dress, Orange Lips and Pearls- 50’s in 2012
Dress: NYC Boutique
Shoes: Gucci
Tote: Gucci
Photo Credit: Travis Jones, Vifthave Photography

Photo Credit: JJ McDaniel

Polka Dot Dresses can be Red Carpet worthy

See below, celebrities have their polka dot dress in their closets:

Eva Mendes rocks her 50’s inspired look with her ruffled front navy polka dot dress

Celebrities in polka dot dresses, navy blue is always a summer favorite.

Remember to use the proper accessories, don’t go overboard, the main focus is your 50’s inspired polka dot ensemble. It’s easy to attain the “day to evening”appeal, so you will be ready for any occasion.

Photo Credit:

Travis Jones, Vifthave Photography

JJ McDaniel

Beaded Hoop Earrings, Trend Still Going Strong!

Beaded Hoop Earrings, Trend Still Going Strong!

In the world of style, trends with accessories come and go.  They find their way back onto the runways and storefronts, but in different forms.

Beaded Gold Hoops by: Biancatorr
Photo Credit: Travis Jones, Vifthave Photography

Over the years hoop earrings have come in many forms; different sizes and styles.  One trend-setting look that has attracted many fashionistas are “Beaded Hoop Earrings” also known as the “Basketball Wives Hoop Earrings”.  This look had the streets of New York City buzzing in the early and mid-1990’s and it’s found a way back onto the fashion accessory scene when the reality show Basketball Wives introduced them to the public in 2010.

The 90’s look consisted of miniature beads, while the millennium style is complimented by voluminous balls/beads. While to most people this look may seem gaudy, oversized jewels are the way to go, it delivers a present-day appeal to any outfit.  Pair with a chunky ring, or layer multiple bangles; remember the earrings are the focal point.

Beaded Gold Hoops by: Biancatorr
Photo Credit: Travis Jones

Many celebrities love this style, and it shows all over the airwaves!  Evelyn Lozada (known for the reality show Basketball Wives, and wife of Miami Dolphins player Chad Ochocinco), is known for sporting the  beaded ornament trend on the show, as well as showcasing them in her Miami boutique “Dulce.

Below: Evelyn Lozada Johnson with her beaded hoop earrings on the set of “Basketball Wives”.

Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives with Beaded Hoops

The cast mates of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” also flaunt these flattering pieces, and who could blame them?   There are many ways to purchase these hoops (local shops, online, etc.) as well as having a pair custom made to really express your individuality.

Below: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast mate and Independent Artist Rasheeda rocking her beaded hoops.

Love and Hip Hop’s Rasheeda with beaded hoops.

If you haven’t done so already, go out and join the hoop craze!

Tango Tangerine Lips with Beaded Gold Hoops

Photo Credit:

Travis Jones, Vifthave Photography

80’s Alert- The Tie Dye Trend!

As summer approaches you will see many different styles and trends come into play.  Summer closet rules: out with the dark and in with the light and bright!  A trend that I have seen brewing is none other than: Tie Dye!  I know what you must be thinking- really tie dye?  Yes it’s true!  Just like acid washed jeans, this pattern is making a comeback

From the beach to the upcoming special event you will see everyone from co-workers to A-listers rocking this old… but new trend.   It’s no shocker that the Tie Dye Trend is back, many of our new looks have been influenced by the 80’s.  This decade has come back with a vengeance!  The best part- we get to look back at that era note what to do and what NOT to do and perfect the looks we are trying to achieve.

When sporting tie dye, it is important not to “over do it” with bulky accessories.  Tie dye is an accessory in itself, so the rest of your ensemble should be pretty easy to put together.  A dyed shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts should do the trick.  If wearing a tie dye dress, then it’s simple- as with EVERY outfit, the perfect shoes and bag will top it off.  I personally love any tie dye look and hoop earrings, so go ahead and give that a try!

I would keep the make-up simple BUT use the colors of the tie dye to your advantage.  Look for eyeliner colors that compliment what you have going on; for example if you are wearing green, blue, purple, then you would want to purchase that same color eyeliner.  This is a very creative, unique and easy way to seal the deal with your tie dye look.  Whether you prefer liquid or pencil liner, you’re covered, you can always find the color you are looking for at Sephora:

Don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone and get into the 80’s mix.  Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold and bright colors- go for it!

2012’s Spring/ Summer Outfit- Shorts, Blazer Duo

You can never go wrong with the perfect blazer; it gives any outfit a classy touch.  Combine a pair of shorts with a blazer and there you have it- the Spring/Summer look for 2012!

You can elevate a simple look with no effort at all and step out with an unexpected classy, chic and sophisticated look.  Personally my favorite colors for Spring/Summer blazer apparel are tangerine tango (color of 2012), coral, peach.  You can never go wrong with a neutral color, especially if it’s linen.  With the right shoes and jewelry accessories, you will be ready for every event that comes your way!

The best part of this trend is that it is flattering for all body types.  No need to skip the dessert at dinner, as this outfit will come to the rescue.  As long as you choose the right material and color that suites you, the rest will fall into place perfectly.

My personal style tip: the neutrals and bright combo; i.e. bright colored blazer+ cami+white or neutral shorts= a sophisticated yet simple ensemble.  Teamed up with a pair of pumps and chunky jewelry (if you choose chandelier earrings keep the rest simple by adding a chunky ring into the equation.  Throwing in a chunky necklace along with gaudy earrings is too busy, you don’t want to over  do it.  Vise versa, if you have on a statement necklace, pair it with studs).   Sometimes less really is more.

Watch out for this trend, you will see many fashionistas rocking this look, how can you  not?  From your favorite restaurant to the lounge, or even the runway; this outfit will have you ready for any occasion!

Tangerine Lips for 2012!

It seems as if the color of the year for lips is Tangerine/Orange.  This color has been celebrated from the runway to the beauty blogs!  It’s no longer just a pretty nail color for the summer…

As we all know for 2011, it was all about red lips.  While we can still appreciate the rose colored lips, tangerine lips have made quite the statement- it’s here to stay for a while!

We will see an influx of orange hues, from lipstick to nail polish- its the hottest color of the season! It’s first debut was summer 2011, and it seems as if we have fallen in love with the shade because it is making a come back and it’s better than ever!

As the official Color of the Year for 2012, you can now shop for the color ”Tangerine Tango”!  This color has been brought to us by the Pantone Institute, and while many lines of make up will carry shades of orange lipstick, only Sephora will have Tangerine Tango on their selves! Just in time for the hot weather you can step out with a tropical glow where people can notice it most.  The “Color of the Year Creme Lipstick” is great for the summer.  Your lips are kept smooth, moist, and look fab at the same time- it doesn’t get any better than this.  Make sure you have a tube of this year’s most raved about lip wear!

If you’re a little skeptical about having an orange pout, you can try coral or a peach color to ease yourself into the new fad.  Summer comes once a year, enjoy the weather and the make up it has to offer!

Tangerine Tango; Sephora