Love and Hip Hop Scripted? Joseline Hernandez Confesses to Acting on the Show [Watch]

Joseline Hernandez is being sued by former "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" cast member Althea for the reunion brawl that occurred a few months ago. She testified under oath in court yesterday and revealed details about the show being scripted.

Reality TV is called that for a reason; it’s supposed to expose the everyday lives of people willing to give up their privacy for fame. The popular reality series “Love and Hip Hop” seems to always tape the right person, … Continue reading

Beaded Hoop Earrings, Trend Still Going Strong!

Beaded Hoop Earrings, Trend Still Going Strong!

In the world of style, trends with accessories come and go.  They find their way back onto the runways and storefronts, but in different forms.

Beaded Gold Hoops by: Biancatorr
Photo Credit: Travis Jones, Vifthave Photography

Over the years hoop earrings have come in many forms; different sizes and styles.  One trend-setting look that has attracted many fashionistas are “Beaded Hoop Earrings” also known as the “Basketball Wives Hoop Earrings”.  This look had the streets of New York City buzzing in the early and mid-1990’s and it’s found a way back onto the fashion accessory scene when the reality show Basketball Wives introduced them to the public in 2010.

The 90’s look consisted of miniature beads, while the millennium style is complimented by voluminous balls/beads. While to most people this look may seem gaudy, oversized jewels are the way to go, it delivers a present-day appeal to any outfit.  Pair with a chunky ring, or layer multiple bangles; remember the earrings are the focal point.

Beaded Gold Hoops by: Biancatorr
Photo Credit: Travis Jones

Many celebrities love this style, and it shows all over the airwaves!  Evelyn Lozada (known for the reality show Basketball Wives, and wife of Miami Dolphins player Chad Ochocinco), is known for sporting the  beaded ornament trend on the show, as well as showcasing them in her Miami boutique “Dulce.

Below: Evelyn Lozada Johnson with her beaded hoop earrings on the set of “Basketball Wives”.

Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives with Beaded Hoops

The cast mates of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” also flaunt these flattering pieces, and who could blame them?   There are many ways to purchase these hoops (local shops, online, etc.) as well as having a pair custom made to really express your individuality.

Below: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast mate and Independent Artist Rasheeda rocking her beaded hoops.

Love and Hip Hop’s Rasheeda with beaded hoops.

If you haven’t done so already, go out and join the hoop craze!

Tango Tangerine Lips with Beaded Gold Hoops

Photo Credit:

Travis Jones, Vifthave Photography